One Justification behind The Most terrible Positioning


Wajeha Urooj, a 2001 Mama English understudy at Punjab College, was considered a disappointment in her end of the year test because of her nonattendance on one paper. Wajeeha Uroog viewed this as both amazing and profoundly alarming given that she had effectively finished the tasks in general and showed up in the entirety of the papers. She had the feeling that the college could have committed an error.


With her dad, she came to the assessment division and communicated her viewpoint to the fitting official. She asked Wajiha’s dad, “you don’t claim to know everything?,” as opposed to leading an examination or giving alleviation. All the while assuming a pretense of the test, where did the girl go?

This sentence fell like a bomb on the heads of Wajiha and his father and they remained like they were deaf. The college would not perceive the blunder and grant a degree. The discourse was conveyed before the whole office, and it immediately spread all through the college, inciting everybody to presume that Wajiha was off-base and the college was correct. Wajiha’s life became like that of a cheat. She stayed evil and dubious according to her own family and society by staying quiet.


He decided to push toward the court and recorded a group of proof against the school. The court would conclude the matter after a few appearances by mentioning the understudies’ participation sheets and a record of the papers that were disseminated and returned. Notwithstanding, the case turned out to be longer than Satan’s entrails. Wajihia sealed the deal, moved to Canada, had two children, and the case went on.

At last, in 2017, following 17 years, the Lahore High Court viewed the Punjab College to be liable, expecting it to grant Wajiha Urooj a degree and repay him with Rs 8 lakh in punitive fees. Wajiha said in a meeting with the BBC that he was miserable and that that degree no longer serves him. She needed a PhD subsequent to finishing her Lords a long time back. Every last bit of her arrangements and expectations were run, and she needed to carry on with her life in her own particular manner. She had spent more than eight lakhs in these seventeen years on this case so the school could refute the claims against her and stand apart as really newsworthy. For a very long time, that one sentence has killed her consistently.

It doesn’t qualify as equity. We are destroying our kin in the future with our own hands. Furthermore, they are instructing them that each wrongdoing, including lying, debasement, burglary, robbery, murder, and hooliganism, can be excused in Pakistani courts. Be that as it may, truth and equity won’t ever win. For what reason didn’t great train stumble over us?

These quakes, heavy storms, and particularly the rising number of bad behaviors and violations in the public arena
We contributed a lot of energy. Notwithstanding, our small kids. Have you at any point thought to be the gathering to which they will have a place? We ask Allah’s absolution.