Revealing the Precious Pearl: The Precious stone’s Illustration to the Gem dealer


Kamhar found a precious stone lying out and about. He got the jewel and put it around the neck of his jackass subsequent to stringing it into a rope. At the point when he arrived at the city to sell the vessels he had made, there was a gem dealer on the way. The cunning look of the gem specialist immediately perceived the precious stone he had placed into the jackass’ neck.


He understood that Kamhar knew nothing about the worth of the jewel. He called Kamhar and nonchalantly pointed towards the jewel, inquiring, “Will you sell this stone?” Kamhar answered, “Assuming it fills any need for you, you can get it.” The goldsmith said, “Okay, give it to me. Tell me, what cost could you need for it?”

The Precious stone’s Illustration to the Goldsmith (Urdu)


Kamhar was uninformed, ignorant that the worth of the jewel was in crores of rupees. He said, “Give me two rupees for this stone.”

The gem specialist was clever. He supposed on the off chance that he gave Kamhar two rupees right away, Kamhar would get dubious. He shrewdly said, “No, I’ll give you one rupee for it.”

At the point when the precious stone heard this, it quickly broke into pieces and dissipated on the ground.

The goldsmith said, “Hello, inconsequential stone! I needed to respect you by taking you off the jackass’ neck and putting you in a sovereign’s jewelry, enhancing a ruler’s crown. You didn’t feel regarded.”

The precious stone answered, “I wasn’t unimportant; it was you. Kamhar couldn’t remember me. He didn’t have a clue about my worth.”

“You are a goldsmith. You realized me well. You were very much aware of my worth. In any case, you esteemed me at one rupee. My confidence didn’t permit me to be sold so inexpensively. I’m the most grounded stone on the planet, yet your undervaluation broke me into pieces.”

Genuine Jewel Introduction:
Jewels are truly exceptional pearls that individuals have been interested by for quite a while. They’re made somewhere inside the World’s external layer, where it’s truly hot and soft. These staggering diamonds are framed when smidgens of carbon change into a unique sort of precious stone construction. Individuals love them a great deal since they’re not normal, they sparkle brilliantly, and they mean things like love, commitment, and extravagant living.

Precious stones are astonishing in light of the fact that they’re really beautiful, yet additionally on the grounds that they’re very extreme. They’re the hardest normal stuff on The planet. This makes them very valuable in numerous things, from making things sharp and slicing to making truly extravagant adornments.

Individuals have thought jewels were truly significant for quite a while in various societies. They’ve been viewed as indications of being solid, unadulterated, and perpetually enamored. Giving jewel rings while getting drawn in became famous during the 1900s, and that made the association among precious stones and never-ending love considerably more grounded.