The Story of the Jobless Youth and the Monkey Work


Some time ago, a jobless young fellow branched out looking for a task. At first, he confronted dismissal, however at that point, seeing his critical circumstance, a curious deal was stretched out to him – the occupation of a monkey. Young fellow: A task as a monkey?


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Incharge: Yes.

Young fellow: Yet why? I don’t have the foggiest idea.

Incharge: It’s a question of keenness, old buddy.

The following day, the hesitant youth appeared for his exceptional work.

Incharge: Wear this ensemble, sit in the enclosure, and indeed, remember to copy the monkeys. Goodness, and toss in a touch of gymnastics for the kids.

As days passed, the young fellow, however unsettled, found comfort in the little bread he acquired. However, at some point, youngsters showed up, bringing desserts and, surprisingly, some cash.

Incharge: Here’s your portion. Furthermore, incidentally, add a smidgen more pizazz to your somersaults sometime later.


Time passed by. The young fellow, however grieved, began to see the value in the little delights that accompanied his exceptional work.

At some point, as he played out an incredibly lengthy leap, he missed his imprint and fell into a close by lion’s enclosure. Alarm resulted, and the lion thundered. Oddly, the lion, detecting the apprehension in the young fellow, moved toward him serenely.

Lion: (murmuring) Dolt, it’s finished for now. We can proceed with this act tomorrow.

The confounded young fellow understood that the lion had gotten on to the demonstration. As he was going to be let out of his quandary, the lion moved toward him.

Lion: Silly monkey, our work closes here, return to your enclosure.

The young fellow, presently completely figuring out the act, got back to his enclosure.

Incharge: Good job! You have your work back.

The young fellow, understanding the mental prowess of the lion, couldn’t resist the opportunity to grin at the ludicrousness of his freshly discovered occupation.

Lesson of the story: Some of the time, life gives us challenges that appear to be crazy, however inside them, we could track down unforeseen brotherhood and snapshots of euphoria.